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We love illustrating your precious moments!

Custom illustrations are personalised watercolour drawings made just for you.  Custom birthday cards, anniversary gifts, new baby, first Christmas, first day at school… it can be for any reason!



Step 1 : Tell me about you !

We have a conversation about what you’re looking for, the mood you would like to convey, details about the person the illustration is for… You can also send me reference photos.  I will send you a quote and the collaboration will begin when you validate it and send a deposit.

Step 2 : Sketches.

I create a sketch according to the story and details you gave me, and send it to you so you can validate it.

Step 3 : Painting !

Once you validate the sketch, I will get to work right away and paint it with watercolour.

Step 4 : Delivery.

Once I finished the illustration, I wrap it with love and send it to you! If you chose an extra digital version, I will take time to edit the illustration and send it to you also by email.


Custom illustration : from 40€ (simple scenic details and characters)

Custom illustration with many details and a complete scene : from 80€.

Custom baby announcements and wedding invitations : from 199€.

The price does not depend on the format, but is calculated on the time spent on the drawing. The illustration you receive is an original illustration, hand drawn and hand painted with love! The painting you receive is unique, just like you are!

I can edit and send you a digital version for an extra 10€ in case you want to print the illustration in several copies.